Women in ancient African high culture civilizations were worshiped as “Guardian Angels” and revered as “Mothers of the Universe.” A man could not become a King without the Queen crowning him (her king). A woman’s wisdom was valuable treasure, and her aura was sought after by real mean seeking to build and/or to maintain empires together.

Was the Black Woman God? Queen of the Universe pt. 1

     The phrase, “The Black Woman is God,” comes from the knowledge of the original worship of “Mother God,” not “Father God.” The latter came from the European male chauvinist religions that were used to divide and conquer the continent into slavery; they were amazed by the beauty and power that the Black Woman possessed, especially when back home where they oppressed and tortured their own women if she was labeled a “witch” for knowing more than a man. The Europeans also realized that the African men drew their strength and energy from the abundance of wisdom that the goddesses possessed. The Eurasians (500-1500 A.D.) were envious and wanted to take the secrets of the ancient African high culture civilizations back home that were suffering from the “Dark Ages.” Nonetheless its what they stole, including African women, that got them out of the Dark Ages, which means a lack of scientific and cultural advancement. If they understood the powers of our sisters back then – then why don’t we, today?

Evidence of the Mother God

     As proof to this claim that women were considered “Mother Creatress,” there are records of Goddesses in Sumer‬, Babylon‬, Egypt‬, Kush‬, Africa‬, Australia‬ and China‬ – women understood their magical powers ✨ to uplift herself and her man to overcome any adversity! There is so much more that I would like to share with you but please be sure to indulge in my latest book….“7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire!”

     The title of this amazing article asks a question, “Was the Black Woman God?” A better question would be “Is the Black Woman God?” I personally believe that every woman has the ability to empower every man that is down on his luck – it happens! Instead of looking down upon him or belittling him – give him some motivation! Speak the blessings of God upon him!! We’re going to need the feminine energy force that our ancestors possessed to resurrect the Black-On-Black Criminal from the path of death and destruction back into the right mindset of building, loving, and protecting his family. All three of these components are the essence a “Real Man” that is so badly needed in our communities today.

     Some people may want to dispute the claim of the Mother God and that Black Women were ever the rulers of many ancient civilizations. That’s cool with me! By all means ask me your questions, or post your comment. I won’t get offended – promise. My job is to inspire women to be the Queens they were destined to be so that they can empower the men to be the Kings to be men of honor.

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