A Tribute to Florence “Flo-Jo” Delorez Griffith-Joyner One of the Featured Goddesses of 7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire

“I BELIEVE IN THE IMPOSSIBLE BECAUSE NO ONE ELSE DOES!” Those are the words of the Warrior Queen Florence “Flo-Jo” Delorez Griffith-Joyner. Flo-Jo worked tirelessly to be the best and that’s exactly how she will be remembered in the hearts of millions. Thirty years after her passing she is still the fastest woman to ever grace track and field. September 21, 2018, is the twentieth anniversary of her death and she died at the age of 38. She holds the world record in the 100-meter race and the 200-meter race (10.49 and 21.34), winning three gold medals in the 1988 Olympic Games. This article is for everyone to read and take heed of one the most influential women who ever made a positive difference in the lives of countless others.
Flo-Jo was inducted into the Track & Field Hall of Fame in 1995! She was also honored in 2017 in the culture-changing book entitled 7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire. It’s a self-help/empowerment and relationship goals book all rolled into one; a compare and contrast of ancient queens and women of today. Book clubs, bloggers, and colleges from New York to London are raving about it. Truth be told, Flo-Jo didn’t make it into the book due to her Olympic prowess on the track. Her hard work, dedication, and persistence in helping young girls see the greatness in themselves is why she made it into the book. This is a sign of a true queen, you see. The true crown of a queen or king is genuineness of their hearts to help others.
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Flo-Jo’s Lasting Legacy

To her credit, she had tons of speaking engagements, acting gigs, a clothing line she designed herself, and a Flo-Jo doll. And if you remember her infamous nails, then you wouldn’t be surprised to know that she started her own Flo-Jo Nails cosmetics company. Flo-Jo’s brightest jewel on her crown was her non-profit organization Florence Griffith Joyner Youth Foundation (www.flojo.org) because disadvantaged children were dear to her heart and to the hearts of her dedicated staff that handled the day-to-day activities.
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Florence Griffith-Joyner Youth Foundation Dream Statement I dream big and I dream wide, I dig deep; to bring out what’s inside… I give my all, on all my tests, To achieve my goals, I do my best… Sometimes I fall, short of my dreams I lose my focus, unfair life seems… But I don’t quit, nor give up that way I thank the Lord for each new day… I set higher goals, never looking back, Learning from my mistakes, performing new acts… I believe in me, and my dreams are real, Because they’re mine, from inside, what I feel. By Florence Griffith Joyner (straight from the Queen’s mouth)

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