A Tribute to Florence “Flo-Jo” Delorez Griffith-Joyner One of the Featured Queens of 7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire Part 2

Despite being busier than the average Jan or Joe, she made it her business to reinvest her time and energy into the next generation. It is critically important that everyone that has reached a significant level of success turn back to motivate and edify those in their community, especially the youth.
“Flo-Jo might’ve started her life in the Jordan Downs projects in Los Angeles, California, but she came so far, like a shooting star. She proved you don’t have to remain in the ghetto if you focus your energy outside of the ghetto. Currently, there are thousands of little girls in the hoods of America. As a grown woman and Mother God — it’s your duty to show them a way out! Each one must reach one — pay it forward!” – Flo-Jo: The Speed of Beauty chapter 8 of 7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire.
In conclusion, I hope that this article enlightens you on what Flo-Jo was all about and what she stood for. Her legacy, her style, and pizzazz can teach us all something – it taught us to focus on the impossible! She left behind a husband, Al Joyner, and a baby girl, Mary Ruth Joyner, who is now a singer and a contestant on the show America’s Got Talent.
What is next in the King Kevin Dorival Empire? Well…I’m considering producing my second documentary on the life of Florence Delorez Griffith-Joyner or Booker T. Washington. Both are two trailblazers that taught me a lot about perseverance, having the courage to believe, and giving back!
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Florence Griffith-Joyner Youth Foundation “Dream Statement” I dream big and I dream wide, I dig deep; to bring out what’s inside… I give my all, on all my tests, To achieve my goals, I do my best… Sometimes I fall, short of my dreams I lose my focus, unfair life seems… But I don’t quit, nor give up that way I thank the Lord for each new day… I set higher goals, never looking back, Learning from my mistakes, performing new acts… I believe in me, and my dreams are real, Because they’re mine, from inside, what I feel. By Florence Griffith Joyner (straight from the Queen’s mouth)

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