In honor of Black History and out of the respect for our ancestors that paved the way for us I would like to pay homage to them. I appreciate them for putting their lives on the line to ensure that you and I could pick up a book to read and to write without getting lynched…Sooooooo let’s take a “Soul Ride” into time. We’re going to go back to The Continent of all Continents – The #MotherLand. For the rest of the year, I’ll share information of an African Queen & King of antiquity every week.

The Euphoria From Learning Real Black History

Growing up in school we had an opportunity to learn about the great leaders of Europe, Asia, and the US colonies, but not once about African leaders. Fascinating, right?! I didn’t learn anything about African Queens & Kings, Warriors, Scientists or Scholars until my junior year of college at the age of 23. I developed an insatiable taste for my history and culture once I got a bowl filled with the knowledge of who I really was. When I started researching for my 2nd best-selling book, 7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire which is a compare and contrast of ancient queens with women of today. A must read for all women, particularly black women – you’ll see why in a few seconds. The euphoria I felt once I dove into the hidden knowledge when it came to learning about our Beautiful Black Queens is hard to put into words. I just couldn’t wait to share the gossip about what I ascertained that I completed 7 Types of Queens with a huge smile on my heart! Why?! I knew that I was going to change the world.

Queen Tiye – The Queen of Queens: Mother God

Furthermore, I am currently working on 7 Types of Kings, Queens Desire. So let’s start with Queen Tiye – the Queen of Queens. Did you know that African women were considered to be the standard of beauty in their time? Women around the world copied their hairstyles, tried to get bigger butts and breasts, and darken their skin. Yean…look it up! There were several queens with their own sovereignty that reigned over ancient empires that led the world in civilization and technological achievements. Kemet was the highest high culture civilization known in human history.

queen-tiye-7-types -of-queens
Nevertheless, one of the most known but unknown Queens I discovered was a Nubian Kemetic (Egyptian) Queen Tiye. In the 14th century B.C.E. (Before The Common Era) a wise and beautiful woman from Nubia so captured the heart of the Pharaoh, she changed the course of history. The Nubians (Sudan) were a proud people who maintained a strong cultural and political identity for 5,000 years. So, from an early age, Tiye was raised by her parents (Wish I knew who were her parents) to never accept second-class status.” This Queen was amazing – she was the mastermind behind many of the wars and political battles. She was the Great Royal wife of Amenhotep III, Mother of the legendary Pharaoh Akhenaten, Mother-in-Law to Queen Nefertiti and Grand Mother to King Tutankhamun aka King Tut. She was the queen of Kemet (today’s Egypt) of the 18th dynasty. She was the epitome of wisdom and excellence personified to the 10th power!!

She played chess when others were playing checkers – unfair, lol. Her husband built colossal edifices (monuments) in her honor and consulted her in business and national affairs. She reigned equally beside him and when her King met with an untimely death, she continued to run the Kingdom, handling all trading business, local, and foreign affairs. Some would argue that up until Michelle Obama there wasn’t a female leader like the late great Queen Mother, Queen of Queens, Mother God – Queen Tiye.
Queen Tiye was buried in the Valley of The Kings.

We need more women with Queen Tiye’s Spirit and Energy!!

By The Way:
  • There is also Valley of the Queens.
  • #BlackHistoryMonth is Every Month.
  • Kemet means the land of the blacks. That’s why you will never hear of a documentary (by the major networks) calling Egypt by its original name. By doing so is admitting that there is an obvious scam to hide the contributions to society by our great African people.
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