Special Thank You for Speaking and Writing 7 Types of Queens, King’s Desire

To: King Kevin Dorival,
Thank you for enlightening and educating us on our history. The discussion on our various kings and queens was very well received at the Cleveland Avenue Kwanzaa program 2018. We truly appreciate your sharing your journey to authorship and the demonstration of self-determination! We hope your journey will continue to be filled with many successful endeavors. P. S. Slaton was just thrilled and a little surprised even that such information and wisdom from the book has been gathered by such a man of your age. This material will supply me with things to study and research for a while. There are so many things about relationships that challenge, inspire and sadden us in light of a truly changing society today. I look forward to sharing this material with many people searching for meaningful relationships. Thank You!
The staff of the Cleveland Avenue Library

Annual Florida Crime Prevention Summit

Attending Kevin Dorival’s training on “How to Remain Focused While in the Fires of Life,” in Jacksonville, FL. was an inspirational experience for me as well as my students. Many of the students Dorival interacted with came into the training with a narrow sense of who many of the major icons of the 21st century are, and what their life experiences were that lead to the greatness they are known for today. Dorival’s personal life challenges alone were enough to captivate and inspire the audience. He was very interactive, providing the students with handouts and encouraging the students to create a vision statement, which allowed the student to leave with tangible evidence of the steps they need to take to reach their dreams and goals. – Dr. Bianca Brown M.Ed.

I have worked with few people who have Kevin ‘s drive and determination. What I like about him most is that he listens. He is the definition of a doer. – Toni Marshall, CRA Media Group

It was a pleasure working with Kevin Dorival for this year’s Jazz Appreciation Month celebration at the Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale. GREAT JOB K.D.!! – Paulette Dozier, Just vocalist

Kevin Dorival is a professional and a passionate man of integrity. It has been a pleasure working with him. – Marc, President of Visual Designefx, LLC.

“It was a pleasure to work with Kevin Dorval. He is a determined spirit prudently working to enlighten the masses” - D. Stedman

“I received my copy today, you better get yours. This is truly a fine piece of literature. Thanks, Kevin Dorival, stay humble, stay blessed, and stay obedient. Congratulations on your great piece of work. P.S. Looking forward to seeing the movie in theaters. Much Love Brother!!!”

Anthony Brown The Courage To Believe Supporter


The Salvation Army After School Program

Mr. Dorival initiated a thought provoking discussion regarding wise decision making and future career possibilities with our middle and high school residents. By giving our children time to generate up to 5 career paths and/or goals for adulthood, the children were able to focus on their long term life objectives. This lecture will help our life skills program facilitate future discussion with the purpose of aiding our clients in planning a road map that will help them succeed in achieving their desire to become self-sufficient.

Children Services Coordinator


Florida Atlantic University’s Konbit Kreyol

Konbit Kreyol would like to gave thanks to your attendance at our general this past Wednesday on September 26, 2012. Sharing your past and struggles definitely took some guts and we really appreciate you doing that. You did a great job as a speaker and I am pretty sure that you provided our members with great hope. Please feel free to let us know when you book will be available to the general public and we will go from there. I hope you have a great and thank you for your time.

Widlin Dieujuste Student President of Konbit Kreyol


YMCA FORCE Program (Parkway Middle School)

Kevin did an excellent job with the kids at the Parkway Middle School YMCA Youth Force program. The youth were engaged and asked a lot of questions relating to peer pressure, goals , and motivation. I recommend Kevin to any school group or youth agency to inspire, motivate, and teach.

Janelle Jumelles Case Manager


Letters of Recommendation Urban League of Broward County, FL.  Department of Juvenile Justice, 17th District Kathleen-Recommendation