Courage To Believe & 7 Types of Queens Book Excerpts

Courage To Believe, Inspirational Autobiography website-Courage-To-Believe-Book-Front-ebook Reality Check

There are people roaming the earth with nothing, but bad intentions toward others, so I learned to be prepared at all times.

The Palm Beaches
I’ve learned that in life, whenever you are in a set place and God’s grace surrounds you, and His blessings abounds towards you, you will experience sweat-less victory and excel, therefore, you should remain there until God moves you.

Life on Exile
I believe that in everyone’s life comes a moment that presents itself on a platinum platter. The way you handle the situation in that moment determines whether your life is going to be shifted into a positive plane or a negative one.

Mating Season
What’s the difference between a female and a lady? A lady is a female with dignity.

Birth of an Entrepreneur
In order to dress for success, I would purchase a shirt, tie, and dress pants with every pay check to build up my wardrobe.

Told the judge that I would one day rule the world. In the midst of terrorist attacks, that wasn’t the most politically correct thing to say. In my head I was going to rule my world and no longer under the control of the criminal system.

I Have a Dream
Where would America be if Dr. King never existed? It takes a powerful person to be committed to non-violent protesting, especially when everything around Martin L. King, Jr. movement was violent. He was a pure genius! Fight back your adversary with positive energy. Attack hate with love, violence with peace, hunger with food, ignorance with knowledge.

“7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire”

7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire
Are you his backbone or back breaker? Deep down inside you know your King needs you as his backbone. Men are half-full without the “Love Energy” of his Queen!

“Did you know there are several ways to crown a man as your king?” Most women are crowning clowns, and don’t even know it.

Your Spirit Combined With His Vision
“A king will expect you to be by his side rain, sleet, or snow. Your king should be willing to do the same, if not then kick him to the curb, immediately. The physical support you show expresses an immense amount of love that you have for his vision.”

Our Current Situation As A Society
“Unfortunately we have a world filled with backward thinking people. Most men have their penis connected to their brain and not their heart; walking around trying to impose themselves in anything and everything. We now have a generation of women that identifies their virtue as twerking.”

The Feminine Energy
There can be no proud man without a woman at his side. Every proud man, every strong man, every king, draws his energy from a woman. The endless source of virility is femininity. The endless source, the key to victories always lies in the hands of a woman. It is at the side of a woman, sister, or companion that each one of us finds a burst of honor and dignity.

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