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Young Kevin Dorival _________________ Delonte Pullum Mrs. Wyche _________________________Ashley Beauchamp (Play Director & Book Editor) Adam ______________________________Joshua Cadet Rube ______________________________David Mortimer Sophie ____________________________ Dajah Dupree Pharo _____________________________ Devaughn Mortimer Tiffanie ____________________________ Destinie Seide Angel ______________________________Terrica Clarck Demon ____________________________ Shammah Capers Darlene ____________________________ Ramele Paul Detective __________________________ Ardith “Nikki” Valencia Prison Guard ________________________Mitchell Moreau Visitor 1 ____________________________ Monique Samuel Visitor 2 ____________________________ Stephen Capers Visitor 3 ____________________________ Gladys Cameron Visitor 4 ____________________________ Renee Capers Inmate 1 ____________________________ Ronnie Dupree Inmate 2 ____________________________ Aron Clarck Inmate 3 ____________________________ Rubenson “Slim” Jean Inmate 4 ____________________________ Kevin Dorival (Writer & Producer)


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Thank you so much for coming to my play & book signing page. Please, leave a comment about your experience so that I can post it on my testimony page. We had a wonderful time with everyone and it was a flat out success! The Director of the play, Ashley Beauchamp of, truly helped me bring my vision to fruition. A woman of many talents, she also edited the play script and The Courage to Believe. I highly recommend her services to anyone that wants one of the best editors in the country. If you missed it . . . you missed something special. However, we do have the DVD recording for sale. Order your exclusive video of The Courage To Believe, today!  Location: African American Research Library ~ 2650 Sistrunk Boulevard Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311 Date: January 5, 2013 Time: Reception Hour @ 2:00 p.m. and Showtime 3:00 p.m. – 5 p.m. Dress Code: Comfortable Email: Contact: (954) 372-6336 Fee: Free! Show your support simply by purchasing your autographed copy of The Courage To Believe. Click here to order your copy: Paperbacks & eBooks available.   Follow Us On Twitter: @Courage2Believe – #C2BookPlay

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