What a blessing! As of August 2018, I officially became a member of the Georgia Atlanta Haitian Chamber of Commerce, Inc. (GAHCCI). In less than a month, I have met numerous successful business owners, many of whom were born in Haiti, and many others who weren’t Haitian at all. The group made me feel welcome as I experienced the abundance of positive energy during my first meeting with the GAHCCI. There were three members who really stood out to me: Renée Knorr, aka “The Original Beautiful One,” Saurel Quettan, President of the GAHCCI, and the Olympian Swimmer Naomy Grand’Pierre.
As you can imagine, the networking was spectacular! After fifteen minutes of arrival I met a gorgeous tall woman, Renée “The Original Beautiful One,” and gave her one of my bio flyers that contains literally all of my life’s work, such as my stage play, documentary, books (7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire and The Courage To Believe), community projects, etc. She took a look at the flyer and stopped LIVE (not dead) in her tracks to ask me, “Why is your name King and what is 7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire about?” As I explained to her, it’s a book that compares and contrasts ancient queens with women of today. Interestingly enough, Renée The Original Beautiful One just so happened to be preparing for the August 24th, Women Wealth Warriors Conference in Georgia two weeks from the date we met; like a true queen she literally invited me to speak amongst a room filled with queens on the spot with one foot inside of the elevator. With her fedora hat tilted, style, smile, and grace I knew that this wasn’t a small event, and that she was no ordinary woman.
This was a big difference from the support, love, and encouragement that I am used to in South Florida. Georgia and Florida are like night and day – no comparison. I moved to Atlanta for two reasons – one, to find my queen and second, to expand my empire. With Saurel leading the group of Haitian entrepreneurs there is no way I won’t accomplish the latter. Now finding my queen part is going to take a spiritual search. The Women Wealth Warriors event has opened up doors to make connections with some of the most wealthy and influential women from around the country. One of the queens at the Reclaim Your Power Conference, Juanita Bates Washington, had an amazing rags to riches testimony. She now owns several hospitals in Louisiana – God is GOOD! Faith is everything. Even the president and owner of the Jamaican franchise Golden Crust, Ms. Hawthorne, took pictures with me, and her family purchased several products from my table.

In conclusion, joining the Georgia Atlanta Haitian Chamber of Commerce, Inc. was one of the best moves I’ve made since moving to Georgia. I literally signed up while they were giving away certificates to the new members. There are real estate agents, financial advisors, a plastic surgeon, educators, etc. And we all have one thing in common – Passion To Empower Haiti and Our People Back To Greatness!