Courage To Believe isn’t just a book, its the testimony of King Kevin Dorival’s perseverance through the storms of life. Many of us has had those dark days in our lives, but the blessing is being able to see the silver lining! Courage to believe is a book, stage play, documentary, and a way a life for those that believe in the power of God within them. Stop giving fear employment – FAITH is hiring, right now!! All of my products has a spiritual foundation, which is key to everything of significance in life!


    Looking for something 100% real to read? A book of movie like drama based on my trials, tribulations, and how I ultimately overcame the adversities that hold so many of us back. This inspirational true story of my life gives you insight on how I found‚ “The Courage To Believe,” in the midst of the fires of life by the grace of God. As a mentor I hope to uplift the spirits of millions of teens and young adults- globally. This is more than a book – it’s a mission that is dear to my heart. All things are possible if you, “Never Give Up, Keep Moving Forward!”

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The Courage To Believe Book

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Book Testimonials

  • RoseMart, Inspirational Speaker

    AMAZING !!!!! This Powerful book is a MUST READ !!! Not for yourself only , but for others!! Kevin Dorival is the REAL DEAL. The book is a great read and takes you off into his world! You will Believe during and after this book!!! Whats even more awesome is that Kevin has a play that goes with the book ! It will give you courage and bring tears to your eyes all at the same time. I suggest this book for anyone, but especially for our men who’s faith and/or belief may be broken ! This book is the KEY!!! Kevin I just wanna say thank you for giving me MORE Courage to believe! God Bless !!! Rosemart ! (P.S.) This is a great gift !
  • Dr. Lenz, Professor At Florida Atlantic University

    Interesting story of perseverance! I think the book is much more interesting than I was expecting. It is interesting and the writing style is very effective.
  • Janet McNair Halbani, Publisher At Through the Olive Press

    “A captivating story that’s sure to inspire this generation and the next. Courage to Believe is a must-read!”
  • Mahubo, Brand Marketing Specialist

    Ohhhh…The book is breathetaking! I always admire people, especially African Americans, who don’t let adversity get in the way of the succeeding.