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There is treasure in this book for everyone! “7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire” was designed to serve as a guide to creating powerful marriages & relationships through self empowerment and self love. Through the lens of history, you will be able to see yourself and what makes you great as you gain knowledge into the minds of greatest women from around the world. Fellas don’t worry I have a followup book made just for you, “7 Types of Kings, Queens Desire,” coming December of 2018!
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  From the corporate world to ancient African high culture civilizations of Kemet/Kush (which is the original name of Egypt/Ethiopia), you will come to understand that you were made to be a Queen. Through the exploration of the tremendous impact that the character traits of several of history’s greatest women have had on civilization, you will learn how to cultivate and bring forth these traits within yourself through a combination of spiritual awareness, knowledge about the divine feminine energy force, and a deeper understanding of the union between couples in the 21st century. This book will give women insight into what great guys are searching for in his dream come true and, most importantly, how to tap into the natural beauty and power that resides within every woman. Prepare to be challenged. Prepare to be empowered. Prepare to be a Queen. I guarantee that you have never read a book as consciously engaging as this before. Believe it or not, women in many ancient civilizations were honored as “QUEENS OF THE UNIVERSE” and as “GODDESSES”. So, you’re probably asking yourself – “What Happened?!” To answer that question, we have to figure out what has been lost to history. Among the those things that have been lost or hidden are divine character traits that made women incredible Queens that Kings desired in a union. What are the “7 Types Of Queens, Kings Desire in Relationships”? Here are a few…
        1. A Spiritual Queen
        2. A Natural Queen
        3. A Warrior Queen
        4. You’ll have to get the book to find out the rest…
Pre-order your Exclusive Edition of “7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire” written by Kevin “King” Dorival! Order your discounted copy NOW! * Th Official Release Date: 7/17/17, 2017. (In honor of My Mom – Queen Rosette!)* Download Book Sample of “7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire” by King Kevin Dorival Thank you for your support!   This literary masterpiece is more than a dating or relationship book! It has tons of fascinating history within it. You’ll be able to compare yourself to the greatest Queens & Empresses from around the world, especially those from the ancient Africa high culture civilizations, such as Kemet (original name of Egypt) and the land of Kush (original name of Ethiopia). Prepare to be challenged and empowered! 7 Queens is a combination of spirituality, knowledge about the divine feminine energy force, and the union between men and women in the 21st century. This book will teach women what a true King is searching for in his Queen, but most importantly how to embrace the natural beauty & power from within. Money Back Guarantee – If you aren’t empowered after reading this book! 7 Types of Queens That Kings Desire Book Excerpts & Food For Thought:  
  • Are you his backbone or back breaker? Deep down inside you know your King needs you as his backbone. Men are half-full without the “Love Energy” of his Queen!
  • Crowning. “Did you know there are several ways to crown a man as your king?” Most women are crowning clowns, and don’t even know it.
  • “A king will expect you to be by his side rain, sleet, or snow. Your king should be willing to do the same, if not then kick him to the curb, immediately. The physical support you show expresses an immense amount of love that you have for his vision.”
  • “Unfortunately we have a world filled with backward thinking people. Most men have their penis connected to their brain and not their heart; walking around trying to impose themselves in anything and everything. We now have a generation of women that identities their virtue as twerking.”
  • There can be no proud man without a woman at his side. Every proud man, every strong man, every king, draws his energy from a woman. The endless source of virility is femininity. The endless source, the key to victories always lies in the hands of a woman. It is at the side of a woman, sister, or companion that each one of us finds a burst of honor and dignity.
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