Funny, witty, and sexy 7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire the movie is going to have you in tears of laughter. Good ol’ fashion humor with a powerful message. For those who have followed the Kings & Queens Book Tour events in 2017 then this film project isn’t a surprise.Click here to pitch-in: GoFundMe Goal is $10,000! This is a short romantic comedy film based on the relationship/self-help book with the same title. The film is based on three chapters from the book that focuses on real-life situations that most of us have faced in our relationships in the past or experiencing now. Originally, we wanted to film a 20-minute film, but the production cost is too much to handle without outside support. 7queens_audition_collage_official

What You’ll Be Supporting?

We have two options: A 7-minute or 20-minute short film. We want to shoot the 20-minute film; it opens a lot more doors of opportunity for the cast on an international level. Our goal is to submit our film at multiple film festivals and eventually start our full film with a much larger budget. We’re filming on October 27th and the 28th in Atlanta’s Buckhead and Downtown areas.

More About The Short Film.

Scene 1/Cooking Queen: Cooking Scene with three young ladies that don’t know how to cook and their mother who has been trying to pass along her traditional meals. The problem here is that only one of the daughters cares to learn, in order to charm her man. Scene 2/Spiritual Queen: A married woman is praying over her husband while he sleeps. The funny part is what she is saying in her prayers – it’s not exactly ladylike or Christian, but yet powerful. Scene 3/Sexy Queen: A sexy Georgia peach walks by a group of guys looking at Ferraris. One gentleman can’t take his eyes off of her, and she surprises him by popping out a book instead of her phone. Eventually, a group of guys overheard their conversation, and run and trips on their way to the bookstore.
Your Contribution will allow us to cover the following:
  • Post-Production
  • Film Festivals Fees
  • Cast & Crew
  • Editing
  • Rental Equiptment
  • Marketing & PR
  Any questions, Contact Me: - Call/Text: 954-263-8223. Please, share this image and tag/follow us: @Courage2Believe + @7queens7kings + #7TypesofQueensMovie   7_Types_Queens_Main_Final_SM <br> Click here for more info or to purchase the book -