Reality Check
There are people roaming the earth with nothing, but bad intentions toward others, so I learned to be prepared at all times.

The Palm Beaches
I’ve learned that in life, whenever you are in a set place and God’s grace surrounds you, and His blessings abounds towards you, you will experience sweat-less victory and excel, therefore, you should remain there until God moves you.

Life on Exile
I believe that in everyone’s life comes a moment that presents itself on a platinum platter. The way you handle the situation in that moment determines whether your life is going to be shifted into a positive plane or a negative one.

Mating Season
What’s the difference between a female and a lady? A lady is a female with dignity.

Birth of an Entrepreneur
In order to dress for success, I would purchase a shirt, tie, and dress pants with every pay check to build up my wardrobe.

Told the judge that I would one day rule the world. In the midst of terrorist attacks, that wasn’t the most politically correct thing to say. In my head I was going to rule my world and no longer under the control of the criminal system.

I Have a Dream
Where would America be if Dr. King never existed? It takes a powerful person to be committed to non-violent protesting, especially when everything around Martin L. King, Jr. movement was violent. He was a pure genius! Fight back your adversary with positive energy. Attack hate with love, violence with peace, hunger with food, ignorance with knowledge.

A New Leaf
The cure was to change my way of thinking, which became easier to do once I changed my environment.