“It is easier to build strong #children than to repair broken men.” -Frederick Douglass

7 Types of Kings, Queens Desire by King Kevin Dorival

7 Types of Kings, Queens Desire

7 Types of Kings, Queens Desire was written in response to the question “Where are the real men?” that women around the world were asking the author, while he was on tour. This is more than just a sequel to 7 Types of Queens but a solution to the “Missing Men Epidemic.” Our women are fighting to keep their families together without a man in the home meanwhile prisons are filled with our fathers, potential husbands, and the leaders of our community. There is a cry from our young man for real fathers in their lives. The author, King Kevin Dorival, interviewed several happily married women to get their insight of what qualities their husbands possessed that allowed companion to enter their world. I would love to have your support as we work on completing this book as a war cry to inspire our boys, help mold our young men and uplift our husband and fathers. If you like 7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire then you’re going to go bananas for 7 Types of Kings is coming soon in 2019!!

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*Publishing Date is October 7, 2019. Bookings and/or Questions? Email the author at info@kevindorival.com