Welcome to my royal virtual store where you can get Empowered & Inspired! Every product that you purchased has a true story behind them. You will be encouraged to face any challenge that may arise with my books (Author of “7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire” & “The Courage To Believe,”) clothing-line (One Woman Army & One Man Army, Inc.) or the stage play that I wrote, produced, and acted in with a wonderful cast I appreciate your support! Bless you! combo_books_7queens_c2b

“7 Types Queens, Kings Desire”

seven-queens-website-hp I guarantee that you’ve never seen a book like this one! This masterpiece of literature is about divine spirituality, feminine sexual energy force, relationships, and ancient traditions. It will teach Queens how to enrapture the King of their dreams, but most importantly, how to find the natural beauty & power from within. Pre-Order Your Exclusive Edition of “7 Types Queens, Kings Desire!” You don’t want to be left out! Order your Exclusive Edition of “7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire” written by Kevin “King” Dorival! Order your autographed copy NOW! * Release Date: 7/7/17.* Download Book Sample: 7 Types of Queens Kings Desire Thank you for your support!
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The Courage To Believe – Never Give Up, Keep Moving Forward!”

9780985564827 A book of movie like drama based on my trials, tribulations and how I ultimately overcame the adversities that hold so many of us back. This inspirational true story about my life gives you insight on how I found‚ “The Courage To Believe,” in myself by the grace of God. As a mentor I hope to lift the spirits of millions of teens and young adults – globally. This is more than a book – it’s a mission. Its perfect for those looking for a powerful story! All things are possible if you, “Never Give Up, Keep Moving Forward!”

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        The Courage To Believe Book

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7 Types of Kings, Queens Desire

7 Types of Kings, Queens Desire by King Kevin Dorival 7 Types of Kings, Queens Desire was written in response to the women asking the author, “Where are the real men?” This is the followup book to #7TypesofQueens. The author interviewed happily married woman to get an understanding of what qualities their husbands possesed that allowed companion enter thier world. Love to have your support as I work on completing this book as a call to inspire and uplift our boys and men.“If you want to be lifted up, lift someone else up,” Booker T. Washington
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*Money back guarantee. If they’re not completely satisfied with your product.

Stage Play, “The Courage To Believe”

The Courage To Believe International

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  • Dr. Lenz, Professor At Florida Atlantic University

    Interesting story of perseverance! I think the book is much more interesting than I was expecting. It is interesting and the writing style is very effective.
  • Janet McNair Halbani, Publisher At Through the Olive Press

    “A captivating story that’s sure to inspire this generation and the next. Courage to Believe is a must-read!”
  • Mahubo, Brand Marketing Specialist

    Ohhhh…The book is breathetaking! I always admire people, especially African Americans, who don’t let adversity get in the way of the succeeding.
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