Recently I was a guest on a talk show called Drive-By Therapy in South Florida, where my book, 7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire was featured. The topic was, “How Long Is Too Long To Shack Up?!” The show hosts were Dr. Tasha, a psychologist, and co-host Chris, a comedian who was very entertaining and enlightened to say the least.
Half of the audience believed in shacking up with their significant other if they loved each other. A quarter of the audience was adamantly against it, and the other quarter was impartial. The members of the audience that were against it were taught that shacking up was against “God’s will” and they would go to hell for it; the intriguing part was that some of them moved in with their significant other. I can attest to this teaching growing up in a predominantly black church. Today, the majority of black churches are filled with single women and single mothers that were more than likely shacking up with their boo thang. Unfortunately that boo thang hauled ass when it got real.
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When I was given an opportunity to speak in regard to my book and on whether or not I agree with shacking up, my answer was, “Yes, I believe that we need to see who our future Queen or King truly is. A woman can put on all the high-priced clothes and makeup but can she cook a few good meals? Can or does she pay her bills on time? And for the ladies, is he crazy? Does he treat and talk with his mother, sisters, or grandmother with care and patience? These types of questions are better answered seeing them first hand. People lie all the time but the proof is in the pudding. Getting married and investing significant time, energy, love, and introducing your companion to your family is very important to our peace of mind and should be taken seriously. Investigate and test your companion so that they can prove to you and themselves that they are the one for you!”

As mentioned above and in my new relationship goals book, 7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire, I believe that shacking up allows you to see what your potential Queen or King is truly about. Can they pay their bills, are they clean or filthy, can she cook and serve me like a king? How does he/she handle pressure and bad news? Can I live with those answers – the truth?! Also, allows you to get a sense of her spirit and personality. You can only fake the funk for so long.
In summation, I truly enjoyed the talk show and am thankful that I was asked to be part of it. It is my desire that everyone that read this article states their opinion of it, and considers reading my book on their mobile devices, or orders a paperback/hardcover – GET THE BOOK! Stay tuned for my London book tour – Kings and Queens Book Tour!
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