Frederick Douglass’s speech, “What To The Slave Is The 4th Of July?” still resonates well with people 162 years later. The energy reverberates through my spirit and soul every time I read it or listen to someone reciting it. He told the truth in the face of White America in 1852 and they had no idea that that was coming. I don’t celebrate the 4th of July (aka 4th of You Lie) but I do respect it besides we really don’t have a choice – banks and many institutions are closed, except for prisons and jails; which is coincidentally filled with 51% of black men and women, but aren’t we only 13% of the US population?!?

Fredrick Douglass - 4th of July

America was celebrating the 4th of July, day of independence, at the same time enslaving human beings – kidnapping and stripping our African ancestors of their independence and their innocence. If that isn’t a contradiction then I don’t know what is. Knowing this history is powerful – we have the power and the responsibility not to let this ever happen again. However, the prison industrial complex and the school-to-prison pipeline has all the signs of slavery. I wonder what Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth or even Book T. Washington would do about this?

A Feel Good History

Mr. Douglass’s speech is the realist speech of ALL TIME! He had Courage. He had Passion. He had a Vision. He had a Plan. He’s legacy inspires people like me to seek justice, and not to sweep injustices under a rug. The root causes of the plight of Black America must be looked into. Many folks are caught up in the “feeling good” syndrome that holidays like the aforementioned creates, but what about when the alcoholic beverages, marijuana, and BBQ’s runs out? Its back to the reality of racism, back to high unemployment (economic slavery), and black churches getting burnt left and right. Mr. Douglass was able to get sympathetic white politicians, millionaires, and organizations behind his movement. I hope to replicate his achievements but in a sense of drastically reducing the Black On Black Crime rate. It saddens me that many of my people, black people, in the US either believes that there is no hope or that there isn’t an extremely high rate of gruesome violence by black people to black people. These types of people of African decent have been successfully hypnotized, and I hope to snap them out of their state of hypnosis , just like Mr. Douglass did to that crowd in 1852.

black woman with flag

I gave homage to Fredrick Douglass in my inspirational autobiography, The Courage To Believe, several times. His story as a runaway slave, abolitionist, author, and orator motivated me through college, and now as a conscious adult. There will never be another one like him – Rest In Peace. You can get a signed copy of my inspiring book of trails, tribulations, and victories here on my website (also available on iTunes, Amazon, eBooks): Enjoy Your Weekend & Thanks!!