I got home after a long day of grinding. It all started with an early morning radio interview in Downtown Atlanta, meetings throughout the day in Jonesboro, and I worked out in Riverdale. After that I had one more meeting with my video editor regarding my documentary before heading home. I took a longer shower than usual because I was thinking too much about the holidays, the New Year projects, and how was I going to put it all together. What’s interesting is that even though I received some good news throughout the day the spirit of depression tried to creep upon me.

Interestingly enough, we’re hosting our annual Community Crimes Solutions Panel for the first time outside of Florida! It use to be known as the #BlackOnBlackCrime Solutions Panel; we’re hosting the annual event in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday, February 16th, 2019. The theme is “Healing the Hurt: Addressing Mental Health Challenges in Our Communities.” I briefly mentioned it on the radio show. A couple of my folks aren’t doing too good, and it hurts that I’m not in the financial position to be a blessing to them as they have been to me. I recognized that my empathy for them and my own issues were dragging me down, literally. Therefore I shook it off and began to sing while thinking about the power of Jesus – The resurrection power to be exact!
Eventually, I walked into my room and turned on my iPod speaker station while drying off. Then William Murphy’s popular gospel song came on called, “You Reign!” I’ve heard this song countless of times over the years. I’ve always enjoyed it in the mornings but was never too crazy about it. But on THIS DAY the song resonated with me like no other day. I heard the song but never listened the words. All of a sudden I got inspired. It was like fresh water from a river rushed my thirsty spirit in a dry desert. The song goes like this:
“You Reign. Our God Reigns. My God Reigns. Your name reigns above every name. With power and majesty and dominion and author – you Reign! You Reign. Our God Reigns. My God Reigns!”

When you are facing difficulties in life, change the station – immediately.When I played the music I changed the station. It gave me new inspiration and I’m confident it will work for you too. Turn off defeat and turn on victory! Turn on increase! Turn on love! Turn on the future that you want to see because if you don’t depression will seep into your mind, spirit, and body. If you are feeling depressed or disappointed for any reason – you are not alone. Just change the station and keep a positive mindset. See yourself winning at the end of the race. Repeat those thoughts of winning in your mind over and over! Just as fast as the spirit of depression tried to creep in – I kicked it out! That’s what you will have to do. With vision there is provision, however you just have to #HangInThere and see the Winner In The Mirror!! I only wrote this tonight because I know many of you would be blessed + encouraged by this true story. We would love to have everyone’s support by donating to our nonprofit organization’s Gofundme, cash, and/or check, click here: Courage To Believe International, Inc. All donations are tax-exempt.

[**If you cannot shake off the depression or the constant feeling of being overwhelmed, please seek a therapist. Mental Health is a serious issue that can't simply be prayed away or swept under a rug. Contact me and I'll be glad to privately help you find professional help - it doens't mean you're crazy. Man of my word 100%]
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