Are You Fit For A King? 7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire

by King Kevin Dorival

Book Review by LeShelle A. Smith of Minority Report

Question: Are you a queen fit for a king and if so, what kind of queen are you? Author, mentor, and founder of Courage to Believe International, Inc., Kevin Dorival his pinned a book “7 Types of Queens Kings Desire” that identifies specific qualities men need exemplified by women throughout history.

The author describes 7 Types of Queens Kings as a relationship/self-help book, but I believe it to be more. Kevin Dorival is seeking to mend broken relationship between women and men without bashing men, without asking women to assimilate with the opposite sex, while rarely inserting his own opinion. Instead, he holds up a mirror and challenges women to question whether they possess different qualities of other “Queens” – past and present – and why men NEED these types of women. These women are/were:

Spiritual Queens – a man’s spirit is nurtured by a praying woman

Natural Queens – a man needs a woman who can be confident with/without cosmetics and extensions

Queens – men see women taking the extra time to cook as a sign that we care

Warrior Queens – these are the women who remind their men to be fearless in seasons of attack, turbulence, hardship and doubt

Wise Queens – a woman with the intellect to interpret when to apply positive energy when her man is vibrating low

Sexy Queens – men need to be stimulated: mind, body and soul

Serving Queens – men need women who can be cooperative, submissive and respectful.

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Kevin used Jewish Queen Esther as an example of a Spiritual Queen. Esther prayed and fasted for 3 days before confessing to her husband King of Persia that she was indeed a Jew and begged him to spare her people from being slaughtered. Winnie Mandela is the definition of a Warrior Queen, having been a social worker and activist before she met and later married Nelson Mandela. Princess Diana was known around the world for her humanitarian efforts. She is certainly deserving of being described as a Serving Queen.

1st Book: Courage To Believe, Never Give Up by King Kevin Dorival

Kevin starts out in his introduction with a powerful statement of: “Society could stand to spend more time shaping up and working out our spiritual muscles.” I was hooked until the last line. How refreshing to see a young Haitian-American male speak not only about his trials, but how his lord and savior brought him through. Kevin’s truth resonated with me in his statement: “Without both parents in the home. Children are only being fed half the truth and their foundations are only half as strong as they need be for them to navigate tempestuous seas of this world. Teach, young brother I hope his story hits all the libraries in all the public schools in every county all over the world.

Mr. Dorival proposes that his novel will be turned into a movie. I see a New York Best Seller list first. Bravo! Outstanding! I pray the courage that our young men in America that are incarcerated are mandated to read this novel and believe for the courage!

- Marilyn Diamond AAMBC Reviewer


Slim “Marvelous”

In my opinion, this is absolutely the best book of the year! I encourage everyone that knows someone who needs INSPIRATION in his or her life to get a copy of this book, The Courage To Believe. @Courage2Believe caught my attention on Twitter and Facebook about his true story and WOW! I couldn’t put the book down because of he’s gripping testimony. I HOPE he produces the movie, seriously! Keep your head up bro – GOD is with you…!


Maria Dorival-Martial “Now I’ve Found Courage To Believe”

This book is a must read. I can see that it can be entertaining and inspirational to a vast audience-men, women, and teens. The book has kept me engaged while teaching life lessons and bringing forth many moments of laughter. I’ve yet to read a book and laugh so hard and so frequently. It holds many true lessons and examples that will make you pause and reevaluate your own life, whether it shows the need for the change or the opportunity to be grateful. I look forward to reading it every night, or whenever I have a moment of spare time.


After 6 Media “Amazing Story of Ambition”

We begin reading about the rich history of Haiti then we are taken on a journey of Kevin Dorival’s life. Amazingly, his story is truthfully told, honestly funny and is relative for the teenage and mature audience. Absolutely fit for the big screen. I would definitely place this in my independent reading section of books or make this a community read for my high school students!! The Courage To Believe is a page-turner!


Sir Anthony “Great Book”

This book is a page-turner. I just couldn’t put it down it kept me wanting more, so I read the entire book in one day. Very inspirational and uplifting.


Daily Diva “Many moments of laughter”

This was a great book I was pleased I made the purchase. It was so good I read it in less than three hours. I look forward to reading more works from a truly talented author. Stay Blessed Sir and keep up the good work.


Rose Mart “Do you have the Courage to READ ?? The Courage to Believe?”

AMAZING !!!!! This Powerful book is a MUST READ !!! Not for yourself only , but for others!! Kevin Dorival is the REAL DEAL. The book is a great read and takes you off into his world! You will Believe during and after this book!!! What’s even more awesome is that Kevin has a play that goes with the book! It will give you courage and bring tears to your eyes all at the same time. I suggest this book for anyone, but especially for our men who’s faith and/or belief may be broken! This book is the KEY!!! Kevin I just want to say thank you for giving me MORE Courage to believe! God Bless!!! Rosemart ! (P.S.) This is a great gift!


Tan-Tan “The Courage To Believe”

This book was very good and entertaining from page 1 to the very last page. I read this book in less than two days. It is definitely a MUST READ. I loved how he took us through his life’s circumstances, twists and turns. The good bad and ugly. Reading this story truly inspired me in many ways than one. It inspired me so much that I gave this book to a family member of mines that was facing some of the same situations illustrated in the book. And they were inspired and encouraged. Kevin I’d like to say personally job well done my friend. Keep inspiring others as you’ve inspired me to have the courage to believe. Be blessed.