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     Courage To Believe International is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides mentoring, educational, enrichment and chess programs for at-risk youths and young adults. Our headquarters is in South Florida, and we support the youth of the ages of 12 to 21 years. We provide prevention and intervention programs that are designed to successfully create positive changes in the mindsets of our participants. Our workshops, such as the C2B Chess Club program, are offered during/after school hours, and on the weekends at community centers. Our passion is to encourage and to inspire the youth through our creative youth crime solutions programs.

     We’ve started the C2B Chess Club to teach at-risk youth how to be strategic, conscious of their decisions, and to enjoy the classic game of chess. Through these mediums we seek to help teens and young adults to consistently make successful decisions as opposed to poor choices that lead to crime, prison, and poverty. In an effort to further expand this message,we’ve completed a documentary, “The Courage To Believe: Never Give Up,” whose purpose is to further empower our teenagers and young adults to believe in their capacity to succeed in the face of overwhelming odds.

    Here’s how you can help > > > Donate through PayPal with the link below, and if you want to be a Corporate Sponsor – Click here to download: Sponsorship Proposal. Your donations are tax deductible. You may also write checks to Courage To Believe International. Mailing address is at the bottom of this page. BIG THANKS & HUGS in advance for your support.

Raised So Far: $5,730 – THANK YOU! (as of September 14, 2015)

Fundraising Goal: $10,000.00


Wish List

  • Help with the Island of Dominica Hurricane Relief Effort – Any amount/Supplies
  • SUV or Van to transport the students – $5-10,000
  • Office Building to host our workshops
  • Books to give away & classroom lessons – $200
  • To Own – costs $10,000
  • Volunteers
  • Chess clocks
  • Field trip sponsor
  • Gift Certificates (clothes, food, school supplies, etc.)
  • Scholarships funds for the students
  • Current Sponsors & Supporters:

      Gold Sponsor - The courage to believe kevin dorival
    • D & E Tires in Pompano Beach, Florida. Gold Sponsor

    • The Urban League of Broward County, Florida
    • Department of Juvenile Justice of Broward 17th District
    • Boys & Girls Club
    • Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration Committee
    • Florida Atlantic University
    • Broward College

    The Funds Will Be Used To For:

  • Excellent Performers
  • Wireless Microphones
  • Guest Speakers
  • Food & Drinks
  • Educational Gift Giveaways
  • Flyers & Posters
  • Videographer
  • Printing Materials
  • Life skill Workshops
  • Sponsorship Package Options:

    Team Courage Sponsor - $10,000 

    •  Logo on C2B website  •  Free advertisement on the King Kevin Show, Press Releases & Commercials  •  Listed as “Headline Sponsor” on the film credits • Logo on all flyers  •  Mention as sponsor in speaking engagements  •  Thank you video Youtube, Vimeo, iReport

    Star Ship Sponsor r – $5,000 

    •  Logo on C2B website  • Free advertisement on the King Kevin Show, Press Releases & Commercials •  Listed as sponsor on the film credits •  Logo on all flyers  •  Thank you video on Youtube, Vimeo, iReport video

    Black History Sponsor – $1,000 

    •  Logo on C2B website •  Logo on all flyers Thank-you on Acknowledgment Page

    Silver Sponsor – $500

    • Listed as sponsor on The King Kevin Show • Logo on all flyers • Thank-you on Acknowledgment Page

    To Support This Project

    Credit cards accepted online through PayPal button (set up under: or you can send a check:

     Mail your check payable to our mailing address:

    The Courage To Believe International 

    P.O. Box 667336 

    Pompano Beach, FL. 33066

    Thank You In Advance!

    Cities & States On Our List:

    1. Cincinnati, OH 2. Cleveland, OH 3. Los Angeles, CA 4. Tulsa, OK 5. Chicago, IL 6. NYC, NY 7. New Orleans, LA 8. Atlanta, GA 9. Phoenix, Az 10. Jacksonville, FL 11. Orlando, FL 12. Miami, FL 13. Columbus, GA 14. Atlanta, GA 15. Baltimore, MD 16. Washington D.C. 17. Philadelphia, PA 18. Charlotte, NC 19. Fort Wayne, IN 20. Trenton, NJ

    Countries On My List

    1. Haiti, Port O Prince 2. Nigeria
    Me, Speaking At Florida Atlantic University
    Speaking At Florida Atlantic University