• “7 Types of Queens That Kings Desire”

    The, “7 Types of Queens That Kings Desire,” is the best thing to hit the bookshelves since the "Coldest Winter Ever." This nonfiction masterpiece will increase women's consciousness that are single, married, divorce, or confused to understand two things - "What Type Of Queen am I?" and "What are the divine powers that are within me?" Click here to order your copy! Read More
  • The Courage To Believe Documentary

    The Courage To Believe Documentary is a captivating film that will significantly reduce the school to prison pipeline - one student at a time. With your financial support, we will complete this documentary. Click here to watch the trailer & how you can pitch-in! Read More
  • Keynote Speaker

    Delivering a powerful message to your intended audience is important for the success of any event. Find out how to get King Kevin Dorival to make your next event a memorable one. Read More
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"Creating Your Future" and "Focusing While In The Fires Of Life" are two of my signature workshops that is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on the audience.

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Marketing Services

My company offers marketing services for books and films. Whether your budget is a $1,000 or a $1,000,000 I got you covered!

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My blog articles are some of the most controversial writings you'll find online. Everything is written 100% by me.

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Twitter Timeline

The Courage To BelieveKevin Dorival

King Kevin Dorival went from a zero to a hero. As an author, he has written two bestselling books, directed one film, mentors troubled youth, and is a game changing, keynote speaker. As a dream lifter, his goal is to ensure that you find the courage to, “Never Give Up - Keep Moving Forward!”

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